28 September 2014

Zoella Beauty :)

As you may or may not know already from one of my old blog posts, I'm completely IN LOVE with Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella on Youtube and on her Blog .This year she released her first beauty line *_*
The collection consists of a Body Lotion with Vitamin E, Aloe and Shea Butter for a smooth and silky skin, a Bath Soak and Bath Fizzer for that super relaxing bath that we all need once in a while, a Candle, a Body Mist which I'm so excited to smell and two makeup bags, the Guinea Pig one and the zoe's eyes one. Being a fan of baths and guinea pigs I can't do anything else other than love this line. Some of the items are already out of stock, which is insane since they launched a couple of days ago. Zoe did an amazing job !! The products look all so cute, girly and unique. I can't wait to put my hands on them ;) I'm extremely pround of Zoe, she has gone so far with her career. I take inspiration from her everyday and I hope that one day I'll be following her same path.
You can purchase all of the products over on, or if you live out of England, you can buy them also on I will definitely do a review of the collection !!

Zoe launched her beauty line on the 25th September 2014, which is 3 days ago. She vlogged the night and all I saw was soo beautiful. The room was full of amazing ballons and it wal all perfect. She wore a gorgeous dress that looked stunning on her.

I know that she probably won't see this post, but I still want to thank Zoe for being such an inspiring human. I'm so so pround of her, I'll love her forever. Zoe, you are amazing, never change.

Hope you enjoyed this little post dedicated to Zoe.
Remember to check her beauty products and her blog out.
Thank you all so much for reading, it means the world to me,
Bye Bye, Vanessa ^_^

PS. I took all of the photos from Zoe's blog, they are not mine, the credit goes all to Zoe. :)

09 September 2014

Face Routine : Everyday to Fancy Edition.

I've been wearing makeup for 2 years or so and I found some amazing products to share with all of you curious readers. My skin is on the complicate side, I am struggling againts acne, so when I search for face products I always choose gentle, high coverage and with a matt finish ones.
My foundation/face routine is very simple and natural and it changes based on the occasion. I absolutely hate feeling that my skin is almost chocking under all of that makeup, so I prefer to keep things very natural and minimal.
On a daily basis, usually for school I only apply primer, concealer, powder and if I'm feeling extra special a bit of bronzer on my face, just to warm up my complexion.

Here is a better look at the gorgeous bronzer that I use :

Primer - Rimmel London , Fix & Perfect PRO
Concealer -  Makeup Forever , Full Cover Waterproof Concealer in n^5
Powder - Rimmel London , Stay Matte Pressed Powder in n^005/Silky Beige
Bronzer - Kiko , Essential Bronzer in n^200/Warm Melange

I don't know what I would do without that concealer, it's amazing, a bit expensive (around 30euros) but every euro is worth it !! Also the powder and primer work really nice, leaving the skin super shine free. The bronzer gives a subtle glow to the skin which makes it very healthy looking.
By the way, KIKO is an italian brand. I blend the powder & bronzer with two very random and cheap brushes, you can find better versions everywhere.

For a special occasion or a night out with my friends, I like to have an heavier coverage with a different primer, foundation, concealer, powder and blush or bronzer.

I use the same powder and concealer. Powdering my face is a crucial step for me, my skin can be very oily sometimes.

Here is a swatch of the foundation and green primer on my hand.

I know, I know, my blush is all cracked up, but it still works !! It's a very pretty raspberry colour with some shimmers. 

Green Primer - Makeup Forever , HD Green Primer
Foundation - Sephora , 10HR wear perfection foundation in n^14/Clair Light
Blush - Sephora , n^12/Raspberry Sheen

The primer really helps with reducing redness and the foundation gives a very sleek look to the skin, both great products sold at Sephora. After I apply my foundation I often put on some concealer and then powder. Sometimes I skip blush or I use bronzer instead.

This is my face routine for every occasion, my skin is one of my biggest insecurities and those products make me feel a lot more confident in my own skin.
I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you have any question feel free to leave them in the comments.

I will catch up with you in my next blog post,
xoxo, Vanessa ^_^

03 September 2014

Secrets of Truly Happy People.

The other day I discovered a video over on BubzBeauty's channel called "Secrets of Truly Happy People". It completely changed my own way of thinking, I want you to click the link now and watch the video, then come back to my blog and continue reading :) Enjoy.
That video came right when I needed it, for the past 2 years I lost a bit myself, surrounding me with negativity, sadness, jealousity and fakeness, forgetting how I used to live in the past and what it feels to be truly happy everyday. I realized that I'm not living the fullest, with a smile and positivity only now and I want to get over it.
Everybody is on the hunt of happiness, time ago I believed that happiness comes for a reason, FALSE. I've always thought that I'll be happy when ... forgetting to be happy NOW, in this moment.
Happiness is NOW, because it's the only moment that exists, the past is over and the future is still a mystery. We don't realize that we could disappear at every second. There will always be Tomorrow, but Today will never come back. Don't wait for the future to be happy. It's pointless to get attached with emotions that bring us down.
Most of our thoughts are negative, we always expect the worse in every situation.
I want to highlight a story that Bubz said in the video.
In each of us there are two wolfs, one it's called Unhappiness and the other one Happiness. They always fight with each other to win and WHO WINS ? The one you feed.
We should worry more of what we think rather than how we act.
Our thoughts become our actions, our actions become our habits, our habits becomes character and our character becomes our destiny.
Build gratitude, forget what you don't have in your life and be happy for what you already have.
Next time that you watch yourself in the mirror, compliment yourself, say nice things, smile and your reflection will smile back. You only have ONE body for the rest of your life, learn to love it, or you'll be unhappy. It's not an easy journal, but none of the big and important thins are easy.
Fight for your happiness. Find your dream and run after it.

Keep on walking, see you all in my next post,
xoxo, Vanessa ^_^

28 August 2014

The Liebster Award.

I'm back !! Yesterday Mandy Bajwa nominated me to do the "Liebster Award", so I decided to accept the challenge.
                                              Here there are the RULES:
  •      You have to answer 11 questions that the person who nominated you created ;
  •        Remember to refer back to the blog that nominated you ;
  •       Then select 11 blogs with 200 or less followers ;
  •       Create 11 new questions for them to answer ;
  •       Live a link to your blog so that the nominated people know the rules :D        

What is the context of your blog ??
It is mostly Fashion, Tips and Beauty, my favourite topics.

Who is your favourite blogger ??
Obviously, my queen Zoella .

What type of music do you listen to ??
I listen to a big variety of music, from commercial music, to rock music.

What is your most pround post on your blog ??
Since I have written only 3 blog posts, I'm going to say that my last one is my favourite.

Do you see yourself blogging in the next 10 years ??
Yes, I hope to continue to blog and never loose interest.

What is the one place in the world you want to visit ??
Brighton in the UK, that is my dream city.

When did you started blogging ??
Easy question, I started the 21st August 2014.

Do you prefer Summer or Winter ??
Honestly, I love a lot more Winter, Christmas, snow, cozy clothes and big coats.
Plus I cannot handle the summer heat ...

Who is your inspiration for your clothing style ??
Believe it or not, it is Zoe Sugg. She has an amazing style.

What is your favourite movie ??
If I really have to pick one single movie, it will be ... The Twilight Saga.

What is the the one beauty product you cannot live without ??
At the moment I can't live without powder and my eyelash curler. 

                                                  I nominate :
                       Jaleesa Talloway | Sun Fro Love
                       Elizabeth Breygel | Beauty Angel
                      Gabi Forciniti | New City Looks
                      Bronte Waissen | Bronte's Backpack
                     Benita K | Curving the Wardrobe
                     We love Fashion | What you wear what you are

I'm new here, so I couldn't find 11 bloggers to nominate, only 6 ... Hope you can forgive me ...
Anyways, your questions are :

  1.                                    Why did you start blogging ??
  2.                                   Do you have a Youtube channel ??
  3.                                  What is your BIGGEST dream ??
  4.                                  Favourite book ??
  5.                                 Would you rather not be able to wear deodorant or makeup ??
  6.                                 Which fashion trend do you absolutely hate ??
  7.                                 Do you live with your parents or do you have your own place ??
  8.                                Are you a tea or coffee person ??
  9.                                What is your favourite shop for clothes ??
  10.                                How long does it take you to get ready in the morning on a regular basis ??
  11.                                What is your favourite nail colour ??  

Thank you so much Mandy for nominating me <3 

See you all in my next blog post,
xoxo Vanessa ^_^